“Dr Bishara has taught me how to easily have a healthier, better lifestyle with food and eating habits…then everything just falls into place. I myself am shocked with the loss and am continuing my new lifestyle with food. As of today another 2 lbs…down 17 lbs …I have also done 2 Morpheus treatments on my face and I can see the lines disappear in this 66 year old face
Thank you Dr. Bishara”


“Did a tele wellness evaluation with Dr Bishara. Before our consultation , I filled out a questionnaire to find out why I was craving carbs all the time.
She determined why and gave me natural supplements to help increase my serotonin levels naturally. Not only do I feel better, I don’t have the cravings anymore and I’ve been able to lose 8 pounds this past month. I also did a gut analysis. She reviewed the results with me and through the phone app, I’m  able to see which foods I should eat more of and which ones to avoid. It’s been really helpful. She checks  in with me every week to monitor my progress.”


“I visited Dr. Bishara’s office as I was struggling with significant hair loss. She performed PRP which is a treatment for hair loss with platelet rich plasma. Additionally, she performed the Morpheus technique on my chin and abdomen. Dr. Bishara is highly experienced in performing these techniques and extremely knowledgeable about the mechanisms that activate these pathways. She has an ability to break down the science behind these non invasive procedures in order to make her patients understand. My results so far are incredible – I have already started seeing regrowth in the hair loss area and I’m thrilled that I made the right decision to visit her wellness office.”


“Dr. Bishara is very knowledgeable and friendly and made me very comfortable with doing a face Peel. I had a lot of sun damage and discoloration from medications that I’ve taken. She explained the process In detail and actually showed me her own results which alleviated any reservations I had about the chemical peel. I did not expect to get such amazing results but I literally look 10 years younger (I’m in my mid 40s). I am so happy with the results and so happy to have Dr. Bishara help me get them.”


“I did the Morpheus treatment at Dr. Bishara’s office. The results are great. Glowing skin and some tightening around the jaw and neckline. This is definitely a treatment you need to do more than once to see continued results, but well worth it.”


“Dr. Bishara is very professional and knowledgeable. She gave me an Aquagold treatment and explained everything to me step by step. The treatment brightened my skin and gave me a glow. I would definitely see Dr. Bishara again.”


“Dr. Bishara is very helpful and insightful. With useful plans and guides, Dr Bishara has not only changed the number on the scale for me but also my lifestyle. I strongly recommend Dr. Bishara as she truly cares about each and every one of her clients and always offers 100% of her attention and effort.”


“Dr Bishara has been such a blessing. She’s been helping me with my skin melasma and so far I’ve seen improvements with my spots. I’ve also recently started my weight loss journey with her. Dr Bishara is so knowledgeable and she definitely makes you see dieting and the way you eat differently. She’s given me every tool I need to make this a lifetime success. I’m already down 12 pounds in my first month. She always checks in on me I can see that she really cares. She’s so wonderful!”


In office, virtual and home visits available.